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If you don't have tackle of your own, and you want to have a go, we have both fly and bait rods, nets, a large selection of flies and lures all here on site - all you need to bring is yourself. We have a heated lodge, with toilet facilities for the disabled, as well as a sitting area and a selection of snacks and hot and cold drinks. Car parking is right beside the lodge, and 30 metres from the lochs, but disabled anglers are welcome to drive right up to the edge of the water.


If you don't have tackle of your own, and you want to have a go, we have both fly and bait rods, nets, a large selection of flies and lures all here on site - all you need to bring is yourself. We have a heated lodge, with toilet facilities for the disabled, as well as a sitting area and a selection of snacks and hot and cold drinks. Car parking is right beside the lodge, and 30 metres from the lochs, but disabled anglers are welcome to drive right up to the edge of the water using disabled laybys provided.



Opening times.(We do allow fishing for our regulars/season ticket holders and club members after these hours below only by prior arrangement if required,just let us know)

Mon to Sun 8.30am to 6pm ( last tickets for all sessions are issued by 4pm latest)All tickets finish at 5.45pm when anglers must be off the water.

From When the clocks go back and darker evenings in Winter- 8.30am to 5pm or earlier as the light dictates.

All catch tickets have no limit catch and release after and before selecting your fish to take.Your FIRST fish on all catch tickets MUST be killed and first 2 fish killed on a 3 fish ticket, afterwards you may select your last fish to keep upto your limit.

Full day 3 fish for £28 ( This is around 8 hours for example)
6 Hours 2 fish for £24
4 hours 2 fish for £20

Parent and child(under 14yrs old)4 Hours share 2 fish £26(Must Kill First 2 fish)

Rod Hire on all lochs

£7 for length of stay fishing


Full day Catch and Release £18(8 hours)
6 hours Catch and Release £15
4 hours Catch and Release £12


Spend a day at the Glen,full day candr and the next day session at Millbuies 2 fish plus candr on the boat for £40.Must be 2 consecutive days only.Must be prebooked.

There is a maximum of 30 anglers only allowed on the fly lochs at any one time for anglers comfort and pleasure of fishing in plenty of space to enjoy their fishing without having to stand as close to another angler.Apart from competitions where we can easily accomadate 60 anglers with plenty of room to cast.A separate loch can be booked for any club outings if required,just contact the fishery for details.

For information.
All members of the Glenbuies flyfishing club aswell as staff, have the authority to ask to leave and check flies,bags and equipment or if they see anyone abusing the fisheries rules of both, Millbuies or the Glen.


£8 for 1 fish
£12 for 2 fish
£16 for 3 fish
£20 for 4 fish

If you require more fish than limit allows, a new ticket needs to be purchased at above prices.The choice of fish to be kept is made before you go fishing at above rate and on purchase of ticket.This is designed for children to catch a fish and is always well stocked.

Any carp, brown trout, tench and bream must be returned safely to the water if caught.

A maximum of 6 anglers at a time only on this loch for anglers fishing comfort.Groups can book the loch for more anglers for the day if required where it will be exclusive for them on that day.

COARSE LOCH (Season tickets available)

1 rod used £10 8 Hours
2 rods used £15 Prices are related to fishery opening hours

No Overnight fishing allowed unless by arrangement

Only 10 anglers are allowed on this loch at any one time for comfort of fishing with space and the enjoyment of angling.Unlike the bait loch,this is dedicated to coarse anglers ONLY.We do not supply any bait,or hire rods for this loch at all.All equipment is supplied by the angler and must be proper coarse tackle which is checked by staff before fishing.Strictly barbless hooks only,max size 12,s.

Bubble floats are not allowed on this loch.No Bread or tiger nuts allowed.
NO GROUNDBAITING required.This loch does not need it and reduces catch rates for anglers.

All spaces on all lochs are on a first come,,first served basis or by prior booking,which is advised.

The fishery supplies all nets required and no Other nets are allowed to be used on any of our waters to stop any contamination.PLease note that the nets are not carrier bags for fish to carry around the fishery please use a bag(not supplied)

November 8, 2017
Colder weather means fish start to fight even harder than they did before as anglers are discovering.They are now going a bit deeper now and over the last week fishing has been good with some well into double figures.Plenty of bigger fish being caught now as they stock up for the long winter and Pete Green had 23 ,Paul Keir had 21,Gordon Grant 12,Slater Scott 12,Blair MacDonald 10.Black fritz and White fritz doing well as are the buzzers. With Christmas next month,if your stuck for a present ,season tickets are available from December 1st.Current members have first chance to renew and if any are left after this they will be offered on a first come first served basis.They are limited in number per year and run from dec 1st to dec 1st each year.Anglers with season tickets can benefit from fishing all year when the lochs are open and fish after 6 pm if they wish by arrangement all on a catch and release basis.Very good value. Season tickets on the coarse loch are all sold for the coming year.Ther e will be a Christmas compy on the coarse loch,date to be confirmed and also a winter league for the coarse anglers.New fish will be in soon which will certainly get the wild stock moving and feeding and shoud have rods and poles bending really well .

November 19, 2017
Glenbuies Flyfishers Club Published by James Rhind ∑ 1 hr ∑ XMAS BASH OPEN COMPITITION 23rd December.In aid of club. 1st prize £150. 2nd £100 3rd £50 . Other prizes to be included. Raffle prizes on the day. Rules read out at 8:30 for a 9am start . Lunch will be provided . £30 per angler.Heaviest 2 fish which can be selected for weigh in. Spaces will be limited so to get you name in quick contact Glen of Rothes on 01340831888. Jimmy. 07746587516. Gary . 07823539161. Neill . 07549236241.

October 9, 2017
Its been one of those two half weeks,wind and rain first half made it a wash out but the weekend was great apart from showers on Saturday but it didn't dampen spirits as fishing was really good and plenty caught by anglers.It certainly was good returns with many registering over 20 fish for heir days and plenty of big fish caught and returned,heaviest estimated between 14 and 16 lbs but also other doubles netted.Rob harding had a 9lb 2ozs fish and a 5lb 13ozs fish which was good fishing .Tom Webster and Wullie Olsen had a great time with over 50 fish each on their couple of days .We also had a return comp from the chatton chasers and a great bunch of lads who fished against the Glenbuies club.Both at the Glen and Millbuies and then had the fritzandflies competition on the Sunday.Results were jim Tuck 1st,Tracey Tuck 2nd and Jimmy Rhind 3rd.But a great day for everyone.We look forward to meeting everyone again,Despite it being a competition it was taken in the spirit of fun and enjoying the day,no winners and losers ,as everyone wins from learning from eachother and making new aquaintances,thats what being part of a club is about. Never winning or losing as the whole weekend was great. The amount of fish caught showed that different methods and flies rather than the usual will attract fish and take them,change is always good rather than just using the same thing each time and interacting with other anglers it opens up a new world of new ideas and ways to catch and only helps to make it more enjoyable rather than frustrate.

October 28, 2017
As the nights draw in and the clocks go back this weekend from Monday 30th Oct 2017 we are decreasing our full day catch tickets and also the CandR full day tickets by £2.Untill next year and the nights get longer again.So Full day 3 fish ticket will now be £26 rather than £28 and a Full days CandR will be £16 rather than £18.All other tickets remain the same price.Do be aware that when its dark the fishery will close so keep an eye on time it gets dark for your timings on fishing. UPDATE To encourage young anglers into the sport we are offering until further notice,any young angler under the age of 14 years old free fishing ,they must be fishing with an adult angler who is on a catch and release ticket only(no catch and kill).Fly fishing only applies. So to stop any confusion,thats and adult fishing a catch and release ticket only,can take a young angler fishing free who is under 14yrs old only,no charge! This does not apply to catch and take tickets.

September 24, 2017
With no shortage of water over the last week it put fish down a little and switch onto lures a bit more with the yellow dancer and cats whisker working well.Dryer days it was more the norm of kate Mclarens and suspender buzzers,buzzers and dries which were worked really well.Gordon Grant did well on the smaller flies hitting 49 fish,Slater Scott had 38,Chris Johnston 18,Stewart Hamilton had 12,Ricky Turner 10, with a lot of anglers a comfortable return of 8 fish for a session.Fish can be seen all over the lochs which is always encouraging but without the right fly on the end can get frustrating.Always best to ask and if advice is taken it can change your day,if you don't ask its a different day all together.There has been some very good fish being caught ,best of the week had to be a beautiful Blue rainbow of 8lb 1ozs for Willie McRobbie and was pristine in colour and tail and fins.Rob Haywood who is returning to fishing had a nice fish of 7lb 8ozs,Alexander Morrison had a 7lb 3ozs fish and plenty returned around this size from anglers on sporting tickets.Next up is the fritzandflies singles and doubles competition on the 8th October.Names to the fishery soonest if interested as names will not be taken on the day itself. Next Glenbuies club outing is to Newton Farm fishery on the 15th October. After this months trip to lintrathen which all the club enjoyed. Coarse loch Heavy water made it harder fishing but still fish were caught and when it did go down fish came back onto the feed.Gavin Miler had a nice golden orfe of 5lbs along with ide.There will be a demonstration for anyone interested in learning how to pole fish by Paul Murdoch on the 8th October andnames to the fishery if you would like to attend and learn a new way of fishing . Millbuies Fishing is now down to day session only and as the light is fading in the evenings now it wont be long until we close for the season,so make the most of it.Fish are hard on the top and good rises can be seen making fishing good for anglers especially now before the winter sets in.†

September 11, 2017
Fish are still High in the water despite the wetter week but a lot of fish in the mood and taking off the top which has been the norm for months.Its been a great year for the dries with cdc,s,hoppers,black Gnats,white moths and buzzers.The top fly overall being a wet the old favourite Kate McLaren,never to be left out of any flybox.This week has been a week of Blue rainbows who really have beentaking well.Graham Gibson took a beauty at &lb *ozs and it didn't give up easy as it had him down to the backing a few times before succumbing to the net.Others were caught and released apart from Andrew McIvor who had a 4lb 9ozs Blue.Bigger fish moving well now and certainly fighting hard. The last day of the Kids academy† will be on October 1st and they have really come on .They had a great day on sunday catching well on the main lochs with Young Christopher Anderson taking 6 fish.Well done to them all . The Fritz and Flies Competition on the 8th October which is open to all and well known down south but never gets this far north is a singles and Pairs together.You can enter as a single angler or a pair or both and some big payouts in the final held at Chatton where everyone gets cash as all entry fees go into the pot which can run into Thousands.If anyone fancies a chance to do a competition and meet and fish with Jim Tuck who organisers it a previous Troutmaster winner and English international who will be there just place your names down and enjoy the day.† The Glen buies Club will be having a competition with the lads who are travelling from the North east† on the 7th October at Millbuies and the Glen which is a bit of fun† from their annual weekend visit they had in the north east where Jim and the lads entertained the club. Coarse Loch The loch is fishing well with plenty fish being caught by anglers.Chris Mackojc ha da great day with plenty of ide,bream and roach and topped it off with a cracking Gloden Orfe nearly 4lbs.Micro pellet seems to be the best of the baits and both pole and method feeder doing well.Bream to 21/2lbs being caught well as are the Ide. Next competition is on the 16th September and all are welcome to come and enjoy a bit of friendly fun while fishing .The peg draw is at 9am and fishing starts at 10am. Millbuies trout fishery Now that the nights are drawing in there is no more evening sessions and only the day session remains.Fishing has been good with again dries and wets doing well for anglers.

August 22, 2017
Road done and edges of lochs looking tidy and clean.Glen is looking good.Fishing still continues to see good catches with many starters seeing their first fish on the end of their lines which is encouraging for them in their new hobbies.Fish still close to the surface and taking off the top.Its th elongest I have seen them feed so well from the surface ,normally there is a lull during the months where lures take over but not this year as they have been feeding topside for months now.Plenty of insect life about and they are taking advantage. 10 mph on the road in so take it easy its not a race track the water will still be there at the end .

July 9, 2017
A decent fishing week apart from when it was raining which didn't make it pleasant but still plenty of fish around being caught.Among them some real beauties and Andrew More had a Cracking Brown of 6 to 7lbs returned which has not been stocked as the browns are wild.Markings and spots and golden colour on it made it a catch of a lifetime.Best flies have been buzzers and dries and lures have also taken well when required such as yellow dancer,wsw and black lures.There were good numbers being caught throughout the week and comments on how hard they fought wa sgood to hear.Slater Scott had 19,Gavin Addison on 2 trips had 12 and 18 on lime tag suspender buzzers,Rob Harding had 21 on dries,George Stewart had 11,Graham Knoll had 12,Daniel More had 13,Derek More had 14,Paul Keir had 25,Graeme Hartly had 11 with a fish of around 15lb returned,Gordon Grant had 23 with a double and a fish of 5lb returned,Eddie Kane had a 6lber,And Chris Johnston had a fish of 7lb 10ozs which was in pristine condition. Coarse Loch The muggy weather didn't help but fish were still being caught,but it was quieter than normal,plenty of ide,roach rudd and skimmers and bream all decent sized which gave steady enough sport on pellet. Millbuies trout fishery Water is in tip top condition and clear with plenty of fish moving on the surface which is great for dries.Both the lochs are weed free and fishing well.†

July 31, 2017
Coarse loch Gavin Miller had a great couple of days of fishing on the loch this week with good weights and bags of fish.His first day once he had his swim established the fish followed on from there and ending his day with a fine Golden orfe of 4lbs,as always the fish on the coarse loch are returned unharmed and never kept as its not the done thing in coarse angling,His next trip started off the same and again ending his day with a beauty of common Carp just over the 5lb mark.Fine to see the fish now feeding well and the ide were coming in at just around 2 to 21/2lbs and Bream to around 21/2lbs,roach and skimmers among the rest of them.His successful method being a regular was small pellet on a method feeder and no need for heavy ground baiting which works against the angler and returns are often low when this happens.As always it helps to get to know the water . Glenbuies Club Despite the heavy showers the lads and lassies had a decent day in their buzzer and dries compy.Fish were rising well in between showers and it was sedgehogs and buzzers that worked best on small sizes and fish were not far down.Overall points winner was Jimmy Rhind,closely followed by Sandy Stronach 2 ounces behind,3rd joint was Chris Johnston and Neil Smith,4th Andrew More and 5th Damian Masson.The banter was as always very good and an enjoyable time was had by all which is what the club is about and everyone sharing ideas and helping each other to catch and learn new things. The next away outing is 13th August to Willowgate with transport booked.

July 16, 2017
Fine week of fishing in between the wet downpours but still plenty of fish moving on the top to dries and buzzers.The bigger fish were also in the mood with most being returned on catch and release.Best of the flies were buzzers and bibios and kate mclarens.Some of the returns were good and most caught fish with one or two blanks although fish were on and off.Slater Scott had 37,Rob Harding had 15,Ian Morrison had 10,Maggie Johnston had 15,Jimmy Rhind had 10 and 17,Mark Bell had 12,David Wilson had a 7lb 15ozs fish,Stu Garden had a 6lb 6ozs,Hamish Rison a 6lb 9ozs fish. Coarse loch Plenty of good fish being caught with good ide of over 2lbs regularly being taken and bream. Millbuies trout fishery Fish are everywhere and taking off the top well especially top loch which is clear.Good sized Browns of over 3lbs being caught regular by anglers.Typically its natural flies doing best along with nymphs and buzzers. †

June 5, 2017
When there is thunder in the air which we had for a couple of days it drops the pressure in the air and effects fish as they feel it long before we do and fishing will become harder,once it passes fish become active again and back to normal so understanding this can stop the frustrations that happens daily in angling when we get hard fishing,it cant always be a fish a cast,we have to take the rough with the smooth.The key thing is having the right fly on and if fish are feeding off the top there is no point fishing lures,yes you may get one or two fish while others are getting many,indicators are only a method but they are not the be all of our fly fishing.Again if they are feeding on the top what is the point of using indicators and not matching the hatch with a dry fly.Its your selection and choice in the end though.Some examples from this weeks fishing are,later Scott 22,Sinclair Mcloud had a good day with a cracking fish of 6lb 11ozs,rene Jacobson had 10 fish and 13 on mayfly dries,Brian Jacobson had 17 fish and 25 on the same dries, on their couple of outings,Neill Smith had 24 fish,David Chapman had 14, and overall most had an average of 3 fish with plenty on 5 to 7 fish, again fly dependant. The kids academy is on Sunday 11th June starting at 10am and is the last one until August for the summer break.June 17th is the Glenbuies club all nighter starting at 6pm and finishing at 2pm Sunday morning,prizes,raffles and BBQ and is open to all anglers and not just club members.Its a fun event and enjoyable for all.Nmaes are being taken for this now at the fishery. Coarse Loch Fish are well on the feed now and some really good catches being recorded by the coarse lads,fish are being caught mainly close in around the margins on sweetcorn and small pellet and maggot,using method feeders and also pole is being productive.Fish are a good size with Bream over 2 lbs and Ide also over 2 lbs being caught,Roach,Rudd and skimmers making up most bags.The carp are breaking quite a few and are on the feed with bubbles all over the loch.Gavin Miller had over 16lb plus worth of fish on his outing.There is a coarse compy on June 10th,pick pegs at 9am and anglers supply their own keep nets for weigh in at the end.Places are limited to 10 anglers for comfort and fishing. Millbuies trout fishery Fishing has been steady some with more some with less again it all depends how and where you put your fly as fish are secure under the tree and margins where food is abundant,Both lochs doing well and any weed in the top loch has now gone. and the water is clear and some rain would certainly help freshen things up.Good returns of Browns all released and Rainbows and Blues.

June 25, 2017
A funny old week with a mix of conditions which didn't suit fish especially with thunder around and low pressure it certainly pushed the bigger fish deep and sulking on the bottom while the other fish kept a little higher and even taking off the top some days on dries and buzzers on the dropper.A whole mix of different flies with nothing consistant,so it was trial and error.As conditions settled and cooled bigger fish began to move higher up and it took till sunday until they came to the net with those previous being lost and anglers reporting being snapped on the take.Always good to keep hold of the rod or possibly lose it.Some of the returns were,Chris Johnston who had a cracking full tailed fish of 8lb 1oz among his 8,Wille McRobbie had a nice fish of 5lb 10ozs from his 9 fish,Gary Gormley recorded 18 with a cracking Blue of 4lb 2ozs,Jimmy Rhind had 23,Barry Ward had 10,Tommy Anderson had 11,Rob Harding had 22 on dry fly,S Scott had 27,Damian Masson had 11 fish,and Neil Smith had 18. Coarse loch Wasn't until the weekend where fish again became responsive and anglers had good catches of Ide,Bream,Skimmers and Roach on maggot.Next competition is on July 8 th and places are limited.Nmaes to the Glen soonest . Millbuies trout fishery Decent returns once again with good mixed catches of Browns to 4lbs,Rainbows and blues for anglers.Darren Whartton did well with 23 fish and most others around 8 up,good times on the dry now and plenty of fish rising around both lochs and no weed problems.S[port has been really good and with the lochs sheltered well from wind offers a good relaxing day on the water.

May 29, 2017
A bit of an up and down week due to the hot weather but overall still a good week where there were plenty of fish caught.Buzzers and dries were the order of the day for most of the week,Sunday it was white moths which were the key for any and buzzers,suspender buzzers in the main that worked best.Only when the really hot weather came in on Friday and Saturday did the fish seek shelter deeper down and intermediates were needed as water warmed and cooler water needed and then it was back to the floating lines after showers overnight which freshened everything up.Some examples of returns were,Slater Scott 29,Richard Rutherford 12,Brian Jaksson 11,Martin Duff 10,Gary Gormley 21,Neill Smith40, with a 6lb6oz fish his best,Willie McRobbie had 11and his best was a6lb15ozs fish,Laura Gallagher had 10,Damian Masson had 18, and Jim Dalziel had a fish of 7lbs 12ozs.Averages were good with between5 and 8 fish and only one or two blanks. Coarse loch Ideal for the coarse fish and they were certainly on the feed especially in the margins,fishing close in there was plenty caught and great to see the appearance of the carp asPaul Murdoch had one of 4lbplus and also lost a bigger one whenusing the pole and his elastic was at breaking point.He finished with plenty of Bream,Roach,Rudd and Ide.Gavin Milar also did well with Ide and roach.Perch also starting to take well.Method feeder and pellet with red maggot being the pick of the baits and pole doing very well.Next coarse compy is on Saturday june 10th.Names being taken now for this. Millbuies Trout fishery Fishing has again being good with plenty of insect life about and shipmans,kate mclarens,cormorants all doing well.Water is clear and fish lying close into shore but deeper up in the top loch.Weed has been sorted out and should clear in a week or so in the top loch where it shot up due to the heat but there is still plenty up there of clear water for fishing and dries doing very well on the top loch.Two sessions in operation now day and evening.

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