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If you don't have tackle of your own, and you want to have a go, we have both fly and bait rods, nets, a large selection of flies and lures all here on site - all you need to bring is yourself. We have a heated lodge, with toilet facilities for the disabled, as well as a sitting area and a selection of snacks and hot and cold drinks. Car parking is right beside the lodge, and 30 metres from the lochs, but disabled anglers are welcome to drive right up to the edge of the water.

Fishing Prices

Please note we are cash only and don't accept credit cards.

Opening hours:- 7 days a week( could change due to weather at times)

Monday to Sunday 08.30am to 5.45pm (shorter in winter due to darker nights)

No tickets issued after 3.00 pm only a 2 hour tickets. All anglers off fly lochs at 5.30 pm (5pm for coarse loch).

If no one on the lochs at 3pm we will close early as no tickets issued after this time.

Season tickets and regulars can fish on after closing hours by arrangement on Cand R.

Fly Fishing prices.

Full day 3 fish £30(Must kill 1st and 2nd fish and select 3rd fish)
6 hours 2 fish £26(Must kill 1st fish and select 2nd fish)
4 hours 2 fish £22(Must kill 1st fish and select 2nd fish)
2 hours 1 fish £14(Must Kill 1st fish)

You are allowed only 1 double figure fish to keep.

Full day CandR £20
6 hours CandR £17
4 hours CandR £14

Any hours above 2 hours CandR,outwith the above prices, can be selected at £5 per hour.Min is 2 hours.All fish must be returned on these tickets.

All children under 12 yrs of age fish free with a paying adult on Cand R on fly lochs ONLY.

Childrens Bait fishing loch(per person)

1 fish £10
2 fish £14
3 fish £18
4 fish £20

All fish to be killed toward limit.It is not done on time,but on the number of fish selected before you begin fishing and the above prices are per person.No fish are to be returned as there is no CandR on this loch.

Please bring your own bait with you as we don't supply any bait.

Rod hire is available for fly and bait lochs only, at £10 per rod.

We only allow our own nets to be used on the lochs to stop infections and are free to use.

Coarse Loch - 08.30am to 5pm

This loch is NOT an alternative to the bait/childrens loch.It is a specialised sport and anglers supply all their own tackle and baits.We do not have any hire rods or coarse tackle for this loch.No Bread/tiger nuts/hemp or heavy groundbaiting is not allowed.No bait is supplied at all.
We will also check all tackle the first time you fish it to ensure it is the correct tackle and not spinning,or beach caster type rods,bubble floats and pike gear is a no no as there is no pike!.Hook size is important and no hooks above size 12 allowed and must be barbless.
The key is to fish light,size 18,s,20 hooks best.Pole fishing is very good.

Children aged 12 and under are not allowed on the Coarse loch.

It has taken 18 years to get this loch to what it is and all the fish are healthy,so it is paramount that care is taken when releasing them

April 28, 2019
Well its been a decent week with a lot of fish being caught.George Flett had 10 fish best at &lbs,Tom Anderson had 9,Barry ward 9,Mark Bell had 10 and 20,Eddie Kane had 17 ,some big fish caught and returned.Best flies have been Buzzers,kate maclarens,spiders and last few days coch y bundi beetles have emerged and fish will soon latch onto those so they would be a good move but down small to 16,s.Dont overlook suspender buzzers either as fish high and on the top of the water.

January 4, 2019
The Glen is On winter opening hours until March 1st when we will be open on normal season hours and open 7 days a week,untill then we are open Friday,sat and sundays only from 8.30am to 4pm.We always have open water for fishing when any ice is about as pumps are on. So from jan to march 1st open fri,sat and suns 8.30am to 4pm From march 1st onwards open 7 days a week 8.30am to 6pm. Millbuies will open its season in March. Bait loch opens in march and you will need to supply your own bait.

January 25, 2019
Water open in main loch,some ice on it but still a lot of water to fish.Coarse and small loch closed.A decent wind will open up a lot more water for the wekend.Fish being caught today on white fritz and bloodworms. Troutmasters for the Glen is 17th March and for Millbuies is 7th April.Sunday has mince and tatties for anglers thanks to Wendy.

November 29, 2018
A good day was had by all and it was good to see prizes being well spread around to everyone.A bit breezy to start off but it settled down later and fish being caught all over by anglers. results were:- 1st place and £200 cash Willie McRobbie 2nd place and rod ,reel line Marc Moss 3rd place and a fishing bag Ronald sharpe £25 for is fish in the morning Barry wilkie £25 for 1st fish in the afternoon Jimmy Rhind The tagged fish didn't come out so it went to a couple who blanked £25 each to Dave Chapman and young angler Connor Sharpe who did really well and stuck it out to the end. On top of this plenty of raffle prizes including a peg raffle draw and all prizes went to a good number of anglers and also those who had bought raffles elsewhere. All in all a very good day and wishing you all a Happy new year.

October 29, 2018
Dates for diary. We will be closed on the following dates. December 24th,25th,26th and 27th. Open on 28th with the Christmas compy on the 29th for all and 30th open. Closed December 31st, Jan 1st,2nd,3rd Open as normal from the 4th January 2019.

September 24, 2018
After a blustery mid week,fishing has improved and we had some really good fish being caught by anglers.Jimmy Rhind had an 8lb and 6lb Blues,Neil Smith had a PB brown of just over 5lbs,Eddie Kane had 17 including a lovely Brownie aswell,Donny Geddes had 23 fish which included a good double of around the 14lbs mark,Barry Ward also had a good fish of 11lbs plus,Slater Scott had 19 just to name a few.Best flies have been white and lime,lime and black with varied lines from floating to intermediate lines and changing retrieves of slow to fast depending on the day you fish.There are some big fish around so dont be tempted to fish too light.

September 11, 2018
Some beautifull fish being caught with a lot of doubles among them.Best has been around the 18lb plus with a few 14 to 16 lbs,all which have been returned due to anglers on CandR.But they are there to be caught again.Some big big blues in the lochs aswell so dont fish too light if you happen to hook into one of those as they will take you a merry dance.Best flies seem to be varied and depending on weather at the day of fishing.One minute its dries,then buzzers and then lures.Colours seem to be lime and black and the old favourites still work like ace of spades,budgies,kate mclarens and cdc,s on the day.Road is done and I ask all anglers to respect the speed limit to keep it maintained.Its your cars afterall and it will help it keeping the speed down and taking it easy on it.Now we are in September its fry time which is always a great fishing period and daddy long legs around.Tight lines.

September 11, 2018
New report now up on report page.

August 15, 2018
Fritz nFlies compy 9th September.Open to everyone and those who qualify for the final are all winners as its cash per fish.All entry fees go to the angler.Names to the Glen or to Tracey Tuck or Jim Tuck.Don't leave it till the last minute.It is a single and pairs compy and you can enter both if you wish and its fished on the same day.

July 23, 2018
Fish now feeling more comfortable and feeding well.Good to see some fresher water falling which will always help.Good oxygen levels keeping fish healthy and fresh and fighting hard.Steady sport being had throughout the week on various flies from buzzers to lures to dries ,no real standouts and all down to the day itself which has been varied.The coarse loch is fishing really well and some good bags being taken,especially on maggot and method feeders.Key here is fish light and not heavy and forget the big fish syndrome!Millbuies fishing well and some nice fish been taken,especially brownies.Water levels fine.

July 12, 2018
The welcome change in weather conditions which has cooled things down a lot and given a little fresh water and got fish a little more interested in taking a fly.The fish now responding and catches getting back to a little what they were before all the red hot temperatures. On the coarse loch,catches have been excellent with plenty of fish being taken,especially on maggot,mixed colours of bronze and red,sweetcorn and 2mm pellet doing best.Pole and feeder have been the best tactics especially around the reeds.

June 17, 2018
Its been a better week for fishing with the weather cooling and helping fish to become a bit more active and rising in the water where they have been taking cover in cooler water temperatures with the heat.Conditions look like becoming much better as far as fishing is concerned.Some good fish still being caught but when released need to be coaxed till they recover as the water is warmer.Best flies have been Kate McLarens,yellow dancers,buzzers and ace of spades. Coming up on 7th July is the Open competition for all anglers,starting at 6pm and finishes at 1am.Anyone interested can put their names down at the fishery so as numbers can be sorted for the BBQ.Raffles and prizes and a good night as always for this annual event.Keep up to date on our website. Coarse loch Fishing has been really good with plenty of good bags being caught.Bream,roach,Ide,all being caught in numbers,mainly on Red maggot and 2 mm pellet on pole and also method feeders. Millbuies trout fishery Fishing has been steady with fish feeding well especially around the margins and fighting very well especially the Blues and browns(which all get returned.Now is the best time for millbuies and in the coming months for a relaxing days fishing.

May 21, 2018
If your a dry fly angler ,now is the time for you.Fish have been rising all week and set to continue with the weather being good.Nothing gets an anglers heart going,than seeing rising fish and taking a dry fly.Been a good week for anglers with lots of fish caught. Millbuies is looking good and again plenty of fish moving and feeding .Make the most of these warm days as its a long winter.

May 16, 2018
The Club annual Open comp which is for everyone and open to all anglers not just club members, will be on July7th a Saturday,starting at 6pm to 1am.Stopping for BBQ at 9 pm to 10 pm.Always an enjoyable evening and friendly compy enjoyed by all.Lots of prizes and raffles. List for names will be up at the fishery.Come along and enjoy a great evenings fishing.

May 14, 2018
Plenty of fish around on the surface now and will suit those who enjoy the dry fly sport.Some really good fish been coming to the net this week upto double figures and anglers hitting double figure numbers on catches.Millbuies doing well also with blues and Browns to a good size.The coarse loch is fishing really well on live red and white maggot on method feeder with excellent bags of fish being caught.Pictures on gallery.Bream,roach,ide,chub all to good size and nice to see a good mix of sizes being caught.

May 12, 2018
Weather hasn't been good this week,but as I write its a good morning for fishing with fish rising all over the loch.Archie Miller has just had a good fish on his first cast and it is perfect conditions.Plenty of bigger fish moving around now so don't fish too light.

April 23, 2018
A really good week with good weather and fish all over the top.Dries and buzzers worked best for most anglers.Some good fish have been taking with plenty of bigger fish . 9lb 6ozs a beauty.Great to see that the season is now underway. On the coarse loch fishing is going well and Paul Murdoch had a great bag of fish and capped the week off really well with all anglers doing well.Red Maggot has been the best choice and fish coming to it well.It has to be emphazised this loch does not fish well when you overfeed so keep it to a minimum if you really want fish.Micro pellet that's 2mm has also done well for some.Remember these are wild fish not stockies.

April 2, 2018
All lochs clear this morning,Monday no ice to report at all.Some snowfall overnight but this should clear.just make sure your dressed for fishing its not tee shirt and shorts yet.Plenty of fish being caught on buzzers,black and green fritz and yellow dancers,varying on intermediate and floating lines.

March 13, 2018
Since opening after the snow on weds,fishing has been steady and plenty of good fish caught.Heaviest to John Main at 9lb and Bill Hives had a 5lb 13oz.Mark Bell had a good wild brown of 5lb returned.Nymphs,small buzzers and ace of spades doing best on intermediate lines.Barry Wilkie had an 8lb 11ozs fish,Willie McRobbie an 8lb 9oz fish and some good wild browns caught also.Club AGM is at 3.30pm on the 18th march for members,new members and anyone wishing to join the club.

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