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Glenbuies Flyfishers Club
Glenbuies Flyfishers Club

Welcome to the Glenbuies Flyfishers Club page.Here you will find all the information about the club itself and regular up dates of what the club has been doing.

The aim of the club is friendship in angling without any politics, just a group of likeminded anglers to have some fun, fishing.It will offer members a chance to fish places they normally would never go to, but have always wished to fish. Along with other club members, it makes for a good days fishing or even a weekend break away.

Members will benefit from events organised by the club,such as monthly competitions,summer leagues,winter leagues,fly tying classes,casting improvement sessions and days and weekends to places such as mentieth or even Grafham water.Discounts have been arranged at the Glen of Rothes trout fishery for club members only.If you wish to fish for your country at International level, the club will offer you this chance if you wish to take part,be it team or individual.All presentations/cups from league competitions will be presented at an Annual dinner and dance held at the end of each year for all members.It is not competiton based rather based on friendship of like minded anglers and making fishing fun and the craic,of course!

These are only a few of the benefits of the club,but the main benefit is making new angling friends with the same aims, where you can share your hobby.

As the club grows to its maximum membership,we can include fishing on rivers,lochs for all species,it is your club afterall.

There is a limited number of members, as the club is not all about numbers of members, it is one for those who want to be part and will take part of an active club and join in with club activities where possible.

Application forms are available from the secretary or committee members or from the Glen of rothes trout fishery.All applications will be considered at the next available Committee meetings for approval.All minutes from meetings will be published for viewing on the club notice board at the fishery aswell as here and facebook for all to see.

May 2, 2017
we often get asked what are the benefits of the club. well 1 cost is 50 per year,2 for this you get a club hat on joining,you get to fish at fisheries that you read about but due to costs find expensive but club subsidises this on travel and fishery cost,3 exclusive fishing on lochs with pike and rainbows and browns ,only for members,4 An annual weekend trip away fishing at low cost to members,5 Monthly competitions to establish club champion for the year,6 Other trophy compettions during year,all nighters,dry fly and buzzers,7 discount at the glen on catch tickets for members only 8 can fish on after 6pm closing and into evening for members, but most of all having fun and a laugh with likeminded anglers who share the same passion and help each other with tying.If you enjoy serious competition then you can enter trhough the club for internationals and represent if you qualify your country.Its a growing club and all for 50 a year.Contact the fishery or Jimy Rhind or Neill Smith if interested its never to late to join.

February 16, 2016
New applications for the Glenbuies Flyfishing club are available now untill the end of March.It costs 50 per year to join.What do you get for that I here you ask? The aim of the club is to create freindship and comaradery within angling.The club is for the members and they decide what happens within it and the commitee apply all decisions and do all the background work.A monthly competition is held each month which decides the club champion for the year and at the end of the year all prizes and trophies are presented.Inter club competitions are held each year with away and home matches,events to raise funds for the club are held and an annual trip away for the weekend is arranged and is cheap due to club funds paying toward it with a donation from members making it cheaper than if you were to do it yourself.Club members also are part of the fishery and have the authority to make checks on production of membership cards both at the Glen and Millbuies.They also have available from this year access to Pike and perch on a private water thanks to You fish scotland which is for members only and muct be active members within the club to use it.(pictures below of the water and facilities)Fly tying evenings are helfd weekly at the fishery and open to everyone not just club members.10% discount is available to all active club members.The club is not about numbers in it but members who take part in it,they are the ones who make it enjoyable and fun which is what it is all about.Its not what you get out of the club but what you put into it and enjoy it.

June 29, 2015
A lot going on in the club in the next few weeks with the Loch Fad weekend coming up which should be good for all those going.The club compy which was held was won by Ian Bancroft who had a beauty at 7lb 7ozs closely followed by Neill smith who had a 6lb11ozs fish.Points all well shared out at the moment and anyones trophy at the end of the season.Next comp is on Millbuies and will be a blind pairs comp so all should get points on the board.Updated list is now on the club board at the fishery.Inter club comp also coming up soon.

June 26, 2015
Club compy on Sunday 28th is an all method and starts at 12am until 8pm in the evening for members.

June 3, 2015
Welcome to Hamish as a New Member we hope you enjoy the club and friendship and of course the angling.

May 31, 2015
Next Club Competition will be on the 28th June and will be a all methods fly comp.It will also be an afternoon /evening compy starting at 12 midday to 8pm. Following competition after this on July 26th will be a blind pairs competition and will be held at Millbuies where the boats are booked for the club.