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The lochs are open 7 days a week with a choice of 2 sessions.All bookings are taken on first come,first served and prebooked,not for the same day, through the mobile phone number,07960143498, between 9am and 5pm only .Keys are issued at Millbuies office at car park and returned after fishing at Millbuies in letterbox provided on the office door.

There are NO toilets at Millbuies fishery so please be prepared for this.

Please note :-we do not allow fishing with indicators on the lochs at all.It is natural fishing with fly only.

Personal electric engines only may be used by anglers.

SESSIONS and Brief Rules

Day sessions

8:30 AM to 4:00 PM - £25.00 per person 2 fish

Evening sessions

4:30 PM to 9.30 PM -

1 person in boat is £23 2 fish

2 people in boat is £45 2 fish per person

These are set prices and no adjustments will be made to them.If you prefer only CandR then that is your choice,the price remains the same.

Please note that gates are locked at 10.30pm each night.

Only nets supplied by the fishery are allowed to be used.You will not require your own net.

NO Children under the age of 12 years old allowed on the water for safety.

Your 2 fish limit is fish of your choice and catch and release is allowed.

Fishing is strictly by Fly only. No bait, spinning or any other methods are allowed to be fished on the lochs at all.

No Indicators or static methods or trolling are allowed on the lochs.

We are unable to rent any rods out should it be required on this loch.You must provide your own.

All Brown trout and Blues must be returned unharmed.

All bookings require a contact name and telephone number and will be given a boat number which will be your allocated boat for that session.

No other boat number must be taken. At the end of each session,all fish catches MUST be recorded in the book provided and weighed. All boats must be left clean for next anglers.

Consideration for other anglers must be applied at all times while fishing here.No anchoring in the same place,boats are asked to move frequently to allow access for everyone to enjoy their experience of the loch and its fishing.You will be asked to move by staff if anchored in same position for too long.

Please note All keys will be issued and returned to The office at Millbuies

Flies and Lines for the Year

These tips will give you a bit of an idea of what to bring with you, but we have a large selection of flies and lures available at the lodge, along with friendly advice, so you will never be stuck.

Line Type
Flies & Lures


Fast Sinking Line

Consett Budgie, Ace of Spades, Black & Green Tadpole, Cats Whiskers

Fast Sinking Line
Black Yuppy, Consett Budgie, Ace of Spades, and White and Orange Fritz.
Slow Sinking Line
Black IPN, Consett Budgie, and Ace of Spades, along with Nymphs like Montana, GRHE, and Pheasant Tails.
Intermediate Line
Consett Budgie, Viva, Christmas Tree, Black IPN, and Orange IPN. Goldhead Hare's Ear
Floating or Intermediate Line
Greenwells and Invicta, are worth a go, but don't forget lures like Cat's Whiskers, Viva, Black IPN, Orange IPN and Consett Budgie.
Floating Line
Black Hopper family, and very small top nymphs like buzzers, PTN, hare's ear and Montana.
Floating or Intermediate Line
Small wet flies like Blae and Black, Black Spider, Bibio, and Black Pennell. Dries such as Daddy Long Legs, Hoppers, Dry Greenwells and small Buzzers
Floating or Intermediate Line
PTN,'s various Buzzers, GRHE's, Damsels, Daddies, Hoppers, Coul de Canard, Black Pennell and Bibio. Also try Cats Whiskers
Floating or Intermediate Line
Hoppers and dries in various colours will work, but don't ignore lures such as Ace of Spades and Consett Budgie, or Damsel nymphs.
Intermediate Line
Consett Budgie, Olive IPN, Yellow IPN, and Goldhead Damsel.
Slow Sinking Line
Consett Budgie, Ace of Spades, Black and Green Tadpole, Christmas tree, and Orange or White Fritzes
Fast Sinking Line
Orange Fritz, Black Zonker, Consett Budgie, Black Yuppy, White Yuppy, Ace of Spades, as well as the Montana nymphs


All year round Lure
Accounts for a lot of big Fish

All year round Lure
Good in Winter

Summer Lure
When Daphnia are there

Early and Summer Fly
Will work all year

Red and Black Mosses Bumble
All year round Wet Fly

Lime and Black Mosses Bumble
All year round Wet Fly

Dry Daddy
Autumn Fly and when Fish are at the surface

Parachute Black
Summer Fly

Okey-Dokey Red & Orange
Works all Year
Thicker version in Winter
Slimmer version in Summer

Okey-Dokey White & Orange
Works all Year
Thicker version in Winter
Slimmer version in Summer

Okey-Dokey White & Lime
Works all Year
Thicker version in Winter
Slimmer version in Summer

Red Buzzer
Works all Year
Good in Summer
Black Buzzer
Good in Summer

Good in Summer

Millbuies Trout Fishery - Fogwatt - Elgin - IV30 8RJ - Scotland
Telephone Number: 07960143498

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